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WHO Health Alert brings COVID-19 facts to billions via WhatsApp

Mar. 23, 2020

On Mar. 22., WHO is launching a messaging service with partners WhatsApp and Facebook to keep people safe from COVID-19 coronavirus.

This easy-to-use messaging service has the potential to reach 2 billion people and enables WHO to get information directly into the hands of the people that need it.

From government leaders to health workers and family and friends, this messaging service will provide the latest news and information on coronavirus including details on symptoms and how people can protect themselves and others. It also provides the latest situation reports and numbers in real time to help government decision-makers protect the health of their populations.

The service can be accessed through a link that opens a conversation on WhatsApp. Users can simply type “hi” to activate the conversation, prompting a menu of options that can help answer their questions about COVID-19. 

WHO Health Alert brings COVID-19 facts to billions via WhatsApp.pngnote: The map shows the known locations of coronavirus cases by county. Circles are sized by the number of people there who have tested positive, which may differ from where they contracted the illness. Some people who traveled overseas were taken for treatment in California, Nebraska and Texas. Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories are not shown. Sources: State and local health agencies, hospitals, C.D.C. Data as of 3:07 a.m. E.T., Mar. 22.

At present, China has controlled the domestic virus epidemic, and it has also helped countries such as Italy. The vaccines that have been put into research have entered the human trial stage. It is believed that China will soon be able to develop a vaccine.

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Now that the world looks at China, China's strength is strengthening. Moreover, we are not skimping on our experience and resources and extending a helping hand to countries and friends in need.

The world is a big family, and nations are closely related.

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