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Wedge Wire Screen

Aug. 24, 2020

Wedge Wire is a screening and filtration material that is used in Industrial Filtration, Food, Beverage, Water, Wastewater and Agriculture, etc.

What Is Wedge Wire?

Wedge wire is made by resistance welding wedge or V-shaped profiles at set distances to support ribs. The gaps present between these wedges allow liquids to pass through while filtering out larger particles. Wedge wire products come in a variety of shapes and sizes and engineered to meet process needs.

Benefits Of Wedge Wire

Wedge wire has significant benefits over other filter media:

1. The wedge-shaped profile doesn't easy to clogging as the opening gets progressively larger across its geometry. If a particle penetrates the filter surface it will continue through without obstructing flow.

2. Wedge Wire is extremely rigid and able to withstand vigorous cleaning and maintenance. Its construction allows for higher operating pressure differentials without failure or deflection.

3. Cleaning is quick and effective. It’s smooth filter surface results in effective contaminant release. Backwashing is far more effective than other media. Because of the wedge-shaped opening, backwash velocity increases across the screen aiding the removal of particulates.

Types Of Wedge Wire

Wedge Wire is manufactured as tubes for filter elements, laterals, and baskets. It is also supplied as panels, discs, and various shapes.

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Wedge Wire Screen filter element

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