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Wedge Wire Screen Used In Water Treatment

Dec. 31, 2020

The request for water in civil and industrial fields is constantly increasing.

It is very difficult to use the water available in its original condition because it contains substances incompatible with different kinds of processes.

So we need to have the filtration process before use water.

Filtration is undoubted, the most important basic treatment for water and mechanical treatment applied to water.

Wedge Wire Screen Used In Water Treatment

The water and wastewater treatment industry have a variety of applications which has benefitted from the use of wedge wire screens.

Available in flat, curved, or cylindrical form, wedge wire is now widely used to aid in the reduction of solids in municipal and industrial applications. Reduced environmental pollution levels and lower costs are a direct result of installations using wedge wire products.

We produce wedge wire products such as Filter nozzles, Lateral distributors, Strainer baskets, Resin trapsRotary drum sieves,etc.

Also, we design separation screens for various wastewater/ water treatment applications.

Wedge Wire Screen Filter Element

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