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Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle for Water Treatment

Aug. 11, 2021

Filtration is an important part of the water treatment process. The filter in the water supply project. When the filter is running, as the interception of the filter layer increases during the working cycle, the porosity of the filter material continues to decrease, the sludge permeability deepens, and the resistance to water flow increases. As a result of the decrease of the filtration rate, the water level of the filter gradually rises, and the turbidity of the water after filtration rises. In order to restore the normal operation of the filter in a short period of time and ensure the quality and quantity of effluent, backwashing must be carried out at this time to impact the filter material layer on the filter plate.

The stainless steel V-shaped wire-wound filter nozzle has the advantages of large flow area, unaffected by temperature, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, easy replacement, safety, environmental protection, and reliability. It is a new generation product in the water treatment equipment industry. It can replace old-fashioned products such as laminated plastic filter nozzles widely used in water treatment equipment factories. The plastic filter nozzle has poor strength, poor pressure resistance, temperature resistance, and aging resistance, especially the weak point of poor strength, which is easy to break, which brings hidden dangers to the safe operation of the equipment. The use of stainless steel filter nozzles produced by our company helps users solve the worries caused by the original plastic filter nozzles.

Filter nozzles structure:

Stainless steel filter nozzle and filter cap are composed of a filter nozzle seat, a filter nozzle cover, a trapezoidal screen with ribs and a diversion tube. The central axis of the trapezoidal screen is provided with a flow-through valve cup that is inverted and fixed to the filter nozzle seat. The lower opening contains the part of the flow-guide tube that extends into the filter nozzle seat. The bottom, wall and flow-guide tube of the flow-through valve cup are contained. The upper pipe wall is provided with a plurality of pores, and a flow-through valve core that can float up and down is provided on the top of the draft tube. By setting the flow rate of the trapezoidal screen, the number of round holes, the size of the pore size and the gap distance, the filter nozzle can meet the various flow rate ratios of the backwash and filtered water flow rates under different process conditions.

Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle for Water Treatment

Classification of stainless steel filter nozzle:

Tubular single-head filter nozzle, tube-type double-head filter nozzle, pull-type single-head filter nozzle, pull-type double-head filter nozzle, long-handle filter nozzle, deck-type single-head filter nozzle, splint type double-head filter nozzle, dual-flow filter nozzle , Plate filter nozzle and many other filter nozzles.

Stainless steel filter nozzles are often used in water treatment equipment in various industries, such as filters and ion exchangers. Has the following advantages:

1. High strength, high precision, small gap error;

2. The surface is smooth, less wear on resin or catalyst, and not easy to be blocked.

3. Backwashing and easy cleaning.

4. Long service life, easy installation and maintenance, light weight, more economical and other advantages. Due to its good corrosion resistance and filtering and separation effects, it has gradually replaced the traditional ABS filter nozzle

Product Usage:

Stainless steel filter nozzles are widely used in the field of water treatment equipment in power plants, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, and are key components in water distribution and water devices of water treatment equipment. ABS enhanced filter nozzle series. It is suitable for ion exchangers, ion exchange resins, etc. The product specifications are complete, including internal thread, external thread, single-head, double-head, long shank... Water treatment equipment using filter nozzles is also in many forms, such as mechanical filtration equipment, anion and cation exchange resins, floating beds, double-chamber beds, mixed beds, and gravity filters.

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