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Sieve Bend Screen-fine screen equipment for water treatment plants

Mar. 13, 2023

Static sieve (static screen) also known as sieve bend is one of the fine screen equipment used in water treatment plants. It is a physical treatment equipment operating by gravity, without the need for electrical energy, and used for separating fine contaminants from wastewater coming from a location with potential energy difference or a pressurized pump line. 

Instead of domestic wastewater treatment plants, sieve bends static screen substantially prevent organic or inorganic contaminants originating from industrial wastewater treatment plants from entering into treatment plants and causing possible pump, equipment, and lifting/elevation malfunctions. 

Static sieve bend screen is especially used in wastewater treatment plants of recycling, food, textile, and paper&pulp industries.

The sieve part of our static sieve equipment is made of AISI 304 or 316 quality stainless material, and a V-slot wire type sieve is used.

KEY BENEFITS of static screen:

Easy separation of solids from slurry

Maximum efficiency

Lengthened screen panel life

Sieve Bend Screen – Curved Surface for High Filtering Efficiency

Sieve Bend Screen – Reliable separation of solids from slurry for many use cases

Sieve Bend Screen – Find efficiency and separation with all sizes of quality Sieve Bends

Sieve Bend Screen – Quality-crafted Sieve Bends in all sizes, suitable for a range of screening media

If you are looking for filter equipment for mechanical and automatic cleaning/removal of coarser contaminants, please visit our sieve bend equipment pages.

Sieve Bend Screen-fine screen equipment for water treatment plants

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