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Separation screens in offal processing

Apr. 03, 2020

Virginia Poultry installed several liquid/solids separation screens for its turkey feather and offal processing. The two new primary and one secondary state-of-the-art rotary-drum screens, provided by Lyco Manufacturing, created optimized throughput and operational efficiency while reducing water consumption.

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After the birds are killed, bled out and scalded, they are feather picked. That feather-laden water stream, flowing at about 500 GPM, is run though our new liquid/solids separation screen that separates the feathers from the water. The feathers go to rendering, while the de-feathered water is circulated back to the feather picking area for reuse, and combined with make-up water. This is a very efficient system for the continual reuse of this high-GPM flow of water.

A primary screen that catches all of the water that flows from the evisceration process, and a secondary screen that captures smaller particulate before the offal water stream exits the building and into our wastewater treatment plant. The net result from using two screens is that more organic solids are screened out of the wastewater, which not only increases content for rendering, it decreases the amount of chemicals required for wastewater treatment.

Conserving water

In poultry processing facilities, the efficient operation of rotary screens is diminished when poultry fats and other slick particulates clog the screen openings. Many screens let material pass through because they do not have the ability to manage the volume of particulate matter in the slurry. This is a common problem with traditional screening equipment, limiting the volume of wastewater and load that can be moved through a screen, which causes water and particulate to make their way through unfiltered.

System effectiveness

Because liquid/solids separation equipment is subjected to long periods of operation under stringent and harsh conditions, many system designs do not satisfactorily maintained consistent effluent flow, particulate capture and uptime. For a liquid/solids separation system to be effective in capturing high levels of primary and secondary offal while maintaining high-uptime operability, it must be heavy-duty, durable, and engineered to be user-friendly, tool-friendly, mechanic-friendly, and operate with minimal maintenance.  

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