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Role of Filter Disc in the Mining Industry

Dec. 07, 2020

The mining industry is very important in the earth.

The mining industry involves two sectors: the search for geological resources and the actual mining of geological resources. 

Wire mesh filter discs, which are primarily used for filtration purposes, play a critical role in mining. They’re used for both extracting geological elements from the earth and processing them at a later time.

The Role of Filter Discs in the Mining Industry

The primary use of wire mesh filter discs in the mining industry is filtration. 

The Role of Filter Discs in the Mining Industry

1. Contamination Prevention

Wire mesh screen discs are often used to prevent mined substances from becoming contaminated. The metal screens are designed to filter out twigs, grass, rocks, metal slag, debris, and unneeded minerals.

2. Screening Media

Screening media is a material that separates substances into grades. Stainless steel wire mesh discs are used in mines as screening media for sizing extracted ores, separating, shaking, washing, and cleaning.

3. Mine Sieving

Mesh discs are also used for mine sieving, which involves separating particles based on size. Most often, wire mesh sieve discs or plates remove coarse particles from fine materials.

4. When it comes to mining, metal mesh can filter materials through vibration as well as in a stationary state. Of course, preventing contamination, screening media, and mine sieving aren’t the only types of filtration utilized in the mining industry. Wire mesh (whether in discs, sheets, or other shapes) plays a key role in numerous mineral extraction and processing applications.

5. Essential Features

Mesh discs, which are sometimes called filter discs or pack screens, are manufactured out of woven or sintered hardware cloth. Heavy-duty, high-performance metal mesh materials are crucial in mining as well as in a number of other industries.

One of the most essential features is resistance to abrasion. This is particularly important for filtering earth-sourced materials, which tend to be highly abrasive. Abrasive-resistant stainless steel wire mesh is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. It holds up for many years under harsh conditions in a wide range of environments.

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