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Powder Sintered Filter Element

Nov. 25, 2021

Our powder sintered filter element is made of titanium powder, stainless steel powder, and other metal powder after high temperature sintering. It has high filtration accuracy, good air permeability, high mechanical strength, high material utilization rate, and is suitable for higher working temperature and heat shock resistance. It is widely used in pneumatic components, chemical industry, environmental protection, and other fields.

Therefore, the filter element can be produced according to user requirements with various shapes, structures, different particle sizes, and porosity porous elements, such as cover, cap, sheet, tube, rod-shaped element.


1. The filtration accuracy is high, the pores are stable, and the pore diameter will not change with pressure. Can effectively remove suspended solids and particles, etc., with excellent filtration accuracy and good purification effect.

2. Good air permeability, low-pressure loss. The filter element is completely composed of spherical powder, with high porosity, uniform, and smooth pore size, small initial resistance, easy to blowback, strong regeneration ability, and long service life.

3. High mechanical strength, good rigidity, good plasticity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, no need for additional frame support protection, simple installation, and use, convenient maintenance, good assembly, and can be welded, bonded, and machined.

4. Uniform pores, especially suitable for occasions with high uniformity requirements such as fluid distribution and homogenization.

5. The powder sintered product is formed at one time without cutting, the effective utilization rate of raw materials is high, and the material is saved to the greatest extent. It is especially suitable for components with large batches and complex structures.

Product application areas:

Pneumatic components, lubricating oil, fuel oil, and hydraulic pressure system media purification and flow restriction, compressed air degreasing purification, crude oil degreasing filtration, nitrogen hydrogen (sulfur-free) filtration, pure oxygen filtration, bubble generator, floating bed gas distribution.

Powder Sintered Filter Element

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