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Intake Screen VS Wedge Wire Screen

Jun. 17, 2020


Continuously moving mesh screen that removes debris and fish are carried to the head section of the unit.  Fish are gently discharged back to their environment.  Debris continues to travel to a pressure wash system where it’s collected for further disposal.


1.Smaller footprint

2.Existing installations can be retro-fitted as needs change

3.The screen is self-cleaning

4.Removes debris from waterbody, requiring additional processing to manage debris

5.Requires periodic removal for off-site manual cleaning and maintenance

6.Often, screen is made of steel which is highly corrosive over time.

7.Screen life is limited due to uneven wear from basket chains mis-tracking

8.Impingement survival varies by life stage

Wedge Wire Screen for Fish Protection


A non-moving screen that harnesses hydrodynamics and physical exclusion to stop debris and fish from entering the cooling system.


1. Most effective type of screen to minimize impingement and entrainment, including the protection of early larvae-size fish

2. Lower operating costs over time since there are no moving parts to the system

3. No Need for a Power Supply – a passive system does not require any power to operate it.  However, if an airburst system is added, electricity is required to run it.

4. Installation Flexibility – Can be installed offshore or near the power station

5. More prone to biofouling. When biofouling is a concern, a copper-nickel system or anti-biofouling coatings are available

6.If maintenance is required, it can be more challenging since the unit is completely submerged.  However, when installed on a bulkhead structure, they can be removed for maintenance.

7.Requires a sweep velocity to work efficiently

8.In high debris or low current environments, back-flushing via compressed air may be required

9.Prevents debris from entering the intake system, but does not remove the debris from the waterbody

10.In high debris environments requires a backwash system

Larger amounts of water withdrawal can be accommodated by using multiple units

11.When installed off-shore, requires installation by barge and divers, restricting access to the area during construction.

12.When boats or other structures are present, the intake system must be installed deep enough to avoid direct contact with other objects

Wedge Wire Screen sieve bend screen

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