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Custom False Bottom for Breweries

Sep. 12, 2023

Lautering is a crucial step in the brewing process, essential for efficiently separating crushed grains from the fermentation broth. This vital process takes place within a vessel known as a lauter tun, featuring a false bottom as an integral component. Among the various options available for false bottoms in lautering, the wedge wire screen stands out as a primary choice in the market.

Custom False Bottom for Breweries

What Is a Mash Tun False Bottom?

A mash tun false bottom, also referred to as a lauter tun false bottom or brew kettle false bottom, is a sieve screen designed for the separation of wort from the solid mash materials. Typically, a lauter tun or brew kettle false bottom is constructed using a wedge wire screen or perforated plate. In modern advanced mash tuns, stainless steel false bottoms predominantly employ wedge wire due to their exceptional attributes. The wedge wire design enables a higher flow rate and possesses anti-clogging and self-cleaning characteristics.

The primary function of a false bottom is to provide support for the mash bed and retain the grains above the floor while permitting liquid wort to flow through it. The unique V-shaped welding wire structure of wedge wire false bottoms offers several advantages.

At the top of the wedge wire false bottom, the V-shaped structure creates a flat and smooth surface, making it challenging for grains to accumulate. Simultaneously, the narrowing of the metal wire at the bottom gradually widens the openings, facilitating easier liquid passage and accelerating the flow rate.

Thanks to its automatic cleaning properties, resistance to clogging, high filtration precision, and excellent flow rate, wedge wire false bottoms have become the preferred choice for many brewery filter barrels.


Custom best wedge wire False Bottom for Breweries

Benefits of Using Wedge Wire Screen False Bottoms

There are numerous benefits associated with using false bottoms made of wedge wire screen, providing a compelling alternative to address inherent issues found in other materials:

1. Large Opening Area with Precise Slot Size: Wedge wire false bottoms offer a high wort flow rate, thanks to their large opening area with precisely sized slots.

2. Higher Mechanical Strength: These false bottoms provide superior mechanical strength, offering better support for the grain bed.

3. Improved Efficiency: They are highly efficient in preventing grains from trapping or obstructing the holes, ensuring a smoother lautering process.

4. Enhanced Lautering Speed: Wedge wire false bottoms contribute to faster lautering, reducing brewing time.

Our Product Offering

Our product range includes a variety of false bottoms suitable for different brewing equipment, such as brew pots, keg kettles, coolers, and cooler mash tuns. These false bottoms feature slot widths with minimal tolerances, ensuring optimal filtration results.

False bottoms are indispensable equipment for all-grain brewing, as they play a crucial role in separating wort flow from grains during lautering. This prevents grains from clogging your brew kettle and ensures maximum extraction from the grains. Our false bottoms are constructed from high-quality stainless steel, and designed for durability.

In addition to our extensive selection of false bottoms, we also offer a wide array of other filtration solutions. From self-cleaning filter housing equipment to stainless steel filter elements, we provide everything you need to produce the finest quality beer.

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Invest in our top-quality false bottoms and filtration solutions to optimize your brewing process and produce exceptional beer. We are committed to providing the tools you need for brewing success.

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