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How Is False Bottom Constructed In Lauter Tun?

Aug. 28, 2020

The false bottom is installed in the Lauter tun to provide support for the grain bed during the mashing in process and to retain the spent grain after runoff is complete. During the runoff, however, most of the separation of wort from grains occur in the grain bed itself. Ideally the grain bed floats several inches above the false bottom(30-40cm). 

In larger vessels, the false bottom is constructed as a series of interlocking plates that fit together to cover the entire area of vessel bottom. Smaller vessels may have only two such plates. 

The design of the slots in the false bottom is important. They must be narrow enough to prevent large particles from passing through yet wide enough not to become blocked and prevent flow altogether.

It is a good idea for the slots or holes to be wider on the under-side than on the top side to prevent particles that pass through the screen from plugging the gaps. So we can choose the wedge wire screen because it is the V wire mesh.

wedge wire screen False Bottom In Lauter Tun

According to the brewery equipment, the wedge wire screen has different types, such as follow.

wedge wire False Bottom screenFalse Bottom Lauter TunFalse Bottom for breweryLauter Tun false bottom screen

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