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Classification of centrifuge screen basket

Mar. 09, 2021

Centrifuge dewatering sieve basket clean coal de-intermediation sieve is an important mechanical component in coal washing plants. The sieve needs a wear-resistant centrifuge dewatering sieve basket coal washing sieve plate to produce clean coal faster and more smoothly. Most of the coal washing plants use the vibrating screen separation coal washing method, the coal is crushed and mixed with water to remove impurities contained in the coal through high-frequency vibration.

Classification of centrifuge screen basket

Whether the coal is screened by the centrifuge dehydration screen basket is mainly determined by the quality of the coal washing screen. The centrifuge dewatering screen basket is a metal mesh structure element used for screening and filtering. There are many types of specifications: curved screen, slotted screen, screen basket, jig screen, cylindrical screen, grinding head screen, etc. Centrifuge dehydration screen basket. The common material is stainless steel. The stainless steel centrifuge dewatering screen basket is a newly developed product in the wire mesh industry. The centrifuge dewatering screen basket has uniform screen seams, stable welding quality, high opening rate, long service life, and high strength. It is mainly used The coal is screened and processed in a coal washing plant.

The centrifuge dewatering screen basket has the characteristics of high screening rate, wear resistance, non-slip, anti-vibration, strong elasticity, strong toughness, and not close together. The stainless steel strip centrifuge dehydration screen basket mesh wire section is trapezoidal, and the gap is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. It is welded by the cold-rolled sieve bar of stainless steel wire. The product adopts the world's advanced full-wound welding production technology and uses special trapezoidal wire winding. It is welded on a set of support wires arranged in a circular pattern. Full-process welding creates strict continuous integrity of the product, thus forming an ideal gap size, and has a large amount of performance to withstand high pressure.

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